Becoming a Certified Bio Recovery Supervisor with the BEBRA

You The CBRS is a supervisory position that enforces the values in the CBRT but demonstrates knowledge in the following :

Please note that a current CBRT status is a pre-requirement.

  1. Advanced disinfection – Log Reduction and Efficacy Compliance Documentation
  2. Bio Recovery Site Risk Assessment (BSRA) (PPE, Cross Contamination and disinfection.)
  3. UK & European Crime and Trauma Standard
  4. Exhibits knowledge of application of cleaners and disinfectants.
  5. Has knowledge of Industry Standards for Scope Development and Estimating Standards.
  6. Has basic hazardous materials training, 40Hr as minimum requirement. or CBRNE Equivalent.
  7. Fully understands construction safety practices and UK & European Health & Safety requirements.
  8. Has knowledge of the FEMA Incident Command System.
  9. Exhibits knowledge of both Medical Waste Disposal and Infectious Waste Disposal according to DOT requirements.
  10. Must pass a 100 point proctored exam with a score of 90 or better.

OR a current CBRT with:

A Minimum Of A 2-Year Degree Or Equivalent In Science, Industrial Hygiene Or Related Field Of Science With A Minimum Of Three (3) Years Of Documented Field Experience In Bio-Recovery /Infection Control Remediation.

Also, you will need:

  1. Hazardous materiel or CBRNE Training (CURRENT)
  2. Blood-borne Pathogen Standard UK & European Training (CURRENT)
  3. General Construction or General Industry. (Health & Safety)
  4. Three projects that You Have completed that has showed your knowledge, Training and Leadership in the Bio-recovery Field. This is to include brief paragraphs explaining the issues or peril and how corrective action was implemented.
  5. Maintenance – Re certify every year by attending BEBRA Approved Conferences and Seminars.

*Current CBRT status is required to maintain the annual CBRS status. CBRS requires a £250.00 application fee and an annual renewal fee of £100.00

*You will need to have held the CBRT for 5 years minimum before applying for CBRS role with BEBRA.