Becoming a Certified Bio Recovery Technician with the BEBRA. 

The CBRT is an entry level technician certification designed to provide you with the basic knowledge of the Bio ­Recovery industry. The exam process is designed to show that the technician retained the basic knowledge of how to approach, qualify and properly assess a crime, trauma & extreme scene for the purposes of proper mitigation. The following is the minimum recommended curriculum and or areas of study for the student.

  1.  Technicians are trained in proper etiquette
  2.  Remediation techniques, (Containment and Engineering Controls)
  3.  Bio Recovery Site Risk Assessment (BSRA) (PPE, Cross Contamination and disinfection.)
  4.  Blood borne Pathogens and Hazardous Material Response
  5.  UK & Europe Crime and Trauma Standards
  6.  Construction Practices and mitigation procedures
  7.  Medical Waste Disposal

We will require the following documentation:

Submit a valid Certificate of training 20hrs+ from the Extreme Cleaning Academy Bio Recovery Instructor!

Provide a copy of your Current UK 40-Hr. Hazardous material 40hr Card/Certificate that complies with UK & European Standards

Provide a copy of your current Blood Borne Pathogen Card/Certificate

Provide a copy of your current Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card

Fill out the Exam Application

Scan all documents and Send all documentation and attach and upload to the form below.

Register for the Exam by paying your £170.00 Application fee On Line when you complete this application. (Non-Refundable)