The CBRM is a Master level credential.

This person can provide diversified industry expertise and is the highest-level credential currently available in the industry. *The CBRT is a prerequisite

  1. You can demonstrate knowledge in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) in Critical Care Environments.
  2. You can demonstrate knowledge in Bio Recovery Site Risk Assessment (BSRA)
  3. UK & European Crime and Trauma Standard
  4. You are familiar with CDC guidelines for infection control in health care facilities
  5. Can offer expertise in sanitation of processing environments.
  6. You can exhibit knowledge in bio hazardous and hazardous materials.
  7. You are familiar with Biological Safety Environments and Pathogen Epidemiology.
  8. You hold another industry related third party credential
  9. You are familiar with guidelines for GMP Cleaning and 6+Log Room Space Disinfection procedures for Aseptic Environments.
  10. Must pass a 100 point proctored exam with a score of 85 or better.

CBRM Application Requires Documentation on the following:

Prerequisites to sit for the 100 question exam (85 Or Better Score)

Additional Third Party Certification* (Please See below)

10 Years of Supervisory Experience as a CBRS 


A 4-Year Post-Secondary Degree or its equivalent (30 Credit Hours) In Environmental Science/Biology, Public Health, Industrial Hygiene or Related Field of Science


  1. A minimum of Five (5) Years of Documented Field Experience in Bio-Recovery / Infection Control Remediation.
  2. CBRNE Training (CURRENT)
  3. Blood-borne Pathogen Standard UK & European Training (CURRENT)
  4. 30hr General Construction or General Industry UK & European
  5. UK & European Health & Safety (CURRENT)
  6. Five projects that You Have completed that has showed your knowledge, Training and Leadership in the Bio-Recovery Field. This is to include a brief paragraph explaining the issues or peril and how corrective action was implemented.
  7. Must Have Third Party Accreditation or Training 

Maintenance – Re-certify Years With (25+ Hours Of CE) Attending BEBRA Approved Conferences And Seminars.

*Current CBRT status is required to maintain the annual CBRM status. Requires a £250.00 Application/Exam Fee Renewal requires an annual fee of £125.00.